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Sun Dec 1 21:18:09 EST 2013

This is super awesome Werner.  Not only does it look fab, and clearly 
developing into a great product, but I'm also really enjoying the 
revealing prototyping process. Thanks!

I'm not sure if you're already planning this, but one thought I've had 
since you announced this project is whether it would be worth 
integrating Anelock with some keychain software on the host (in addition 
to the "fake keyboard" style password entry). Might be a useful way to 
provide seamless access to encrypted drives, or network resources?

I don' know if it's possible, but I'm thinking that Anelock becomes the 
keystore for e.g. gnome-keyring, so when I try to access a resource, 
gnome-keyring pokes Anelok to wake up, I dial-in my pin, and 
gnome-keyring does the host-side magic?.

I guess the big complexity is the USB stack, and whether it can support 
both a custom protocol for a keystore implementation and pretend to be a 
HID at the same time? Possible with a glorious SW hub and two endpoints 
inside Anelock? ;-)


On 02/12/13 01:17, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I updated the 3D model of the case top and made a piece from acrylic.
> It came out nicer than I had expected and there was no trace of the
> Z-axis problems that plagued the Y-Box:
> This is with some manual cutting and scraping (and an ugly cut from
> when the knife slipped), to make room for the corners of the module.
> This drawing illustrates the problem with the corners:
> "A" is what we want: make a pocket in the case where the module
> with its very pointy corners will fit.
> Unfortunately, the mill can only make round inside corners, with the
> radius determined by the bit we use. This is shown in "B". I'm using
> a 1/8" (3.175 mm) endmill, so the corners are far too round for the
> display module to fit.
> This can be fixed by milling into the corner, creating a so-called
> "dog-bone". In its least intrusive form one cuts diagonally, as shown
> in "C".
> Unfortunately, we have a wall there on the top side and we're already
> taking some liberties by milling a bit into it. This brings us to
> solution "D", where the extension is only on one side. This needs a
> larger hole than the symmetric variant.
> I didn't include dog-bones in the CAD model yet but did the
> excavation manually. Hence the mess. Since this area will be painted,
> I hope that the dog-bones will be as good as invisible in the final
> design.
> This is what the raw case looks like with Anelok inside:
> Since I don't have a bottom part yet, I had to use a clamp to hold
> the PCB in place.
> Alas, while struggling some more with the corners something snapped
> and the display module started to get warm and to flicker. Today, I
> couldn't get it to turn on at all :-(
> Next: window cleaning.
> - Werner
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