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Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Dec 2 07:57:25 EST 2013

On Monday 2. December 2013 13.39.03 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Dave Ball wrote:
> > Oh wow - such abuse is both fantastic, and a little disgusting at
> > the same time! :-)
> In the Linux world, we would look at it, say "nice hoops", and
> move on.
> What I've heard about the Windows world is that you realize that
> the alternative is to write a USB driver and some years later you
> learn that you'll now also have to get it signed. Then you fetch
> those hoops from the basement and start jumping.

Something amusing that I messed around with relatively recently:

Indeed, that guy's demos include a "raw HID" demo that allows illicit 
communication using the HID protocol:

Although that stuff seems like fun, I ultimately found that LUFA was much more 
coherent and robust, however.


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