anelok: main case, bottom (and more)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Dec 7 22:10:15 EST 2013

The story of the Anelok case continues. I made a crude design for the
bottom part, with a few known bugs (such as the battery wall not
leaving any space for the clip) that would need manual attention.

The milling went quite well:

The interesting features are:

- at 10 o'clock: the bay for the memory card (it is "internal" and
  can only be removed by opening the case)

- at 11 o'clock: an opening for Micro USB (receptacle and visiting

- center: a wall to hold the battery in place.

- 6 o'clock: a way too small opening for the kill switch. In some of
  the other pictures it can be seen after manual enlarging.

This is what both case halves look like together:

The battery needs a contact at its side or at its top. This is my
hackish solution:

It's not great but works sometimes. This picture shows Anelok
running entirely from battery power:

"What about displaying something ?" you may ask. Well, as I mentioned
last week, the OLED didn't appreciate the treatment it received when
I tried to force it into its place in the top shell. So I had to
replace it. This is the new one, with a bumper that pushes it gently
onto the top shell:

This is what Anelok looks like with both case halves (only the top half
is painted), displaying something:

It would of course be even more interesting if all this was on battery
power alone. But that will need a few small software changes (I hope :)

One last picture: a sketch of the vertical stacking of Anelok:

Been too lazy to make a CAD drawing of it. And it will change a
bit anyway.

The case looks reasonabaly good. There is a small gap between the two
halves that may be caused by them gripping the PCB too tightly, or
maybe it's the OLED pushing down. Another issue is that the wheel can
be blocked if the case halves are even slightly torn. But the wheel
spins freely once everything has settled into its place.

- Werner

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