anelok competitor?

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Dec 10 13:01:50 EST 2013

On Tuesday 10. December 2013 18.26.59 Felix wrote:
> I don't know if some of you read hackaday, but reviewing my rss reader I've
> seen that they plan to develop some kind of password external storage, even
> with OLED and all!
> Articles about it:
> re/
> ers/
> I don't like the idea of smart-card reading with microcontroller, but
> anyway, is another approximation to password security. Will see how this
> ends ;)

I think we discussed smartcard-based solutions on IRC a few weeks ago or even 
on this list, perhaps in the context of PGP and genuine public key 
cryptography usage instead of services which sign stuff on your behalf 
(perhaps run by public agencies and banks). Smartcards appear to offer a 
chance of reasonable key management for individuals, but I've yet to dive into 
the topic properly.

OLED aside - those people must have been reading Werner's mail - they also 
want to have a touchscreen - discarded as a luxury for Anelok - but the 
interesting thing they intend to do is to have a special USB HID message 
present a URL to their device from within the browser, although that will 
probably need a browser extension. It will be interesting to see how their 
thinking evolves from here... to match Werner's, of course. ;-)


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