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Tue Dec 10 15:42:53 EST 2013

Le 10/12/13 21:31, Werner Almesberger a écrit :
> Felix wrote:
>> I don't like the idea of smart-card reading with microcontroller,
> I don't quite understand the role of the smart card there. It seems
> that the MCU also contains secrets (keys), so they would both have
> to be "trusted" ? That seems a bit odd.
> It seems to depend on USB for power, so it won't work for offline
> use (at ATMs, etc.) Also, the Arduinism is getting a little boring
> and it means that they won't have room to do much in that device.
> Maybe they'll do something interesting with the protocol
> architecture, though. Seems that everybody is using HID to escape
> USB driver hell of legacy systems these days, and it'll be
> interesting to see if somebody finds a way to use this interface
> without requiring native code. I.e.,
> "On the software side, we’ll ‘only’ need to write a simple script
>   running on the users’ browsers." [1]
> According to [2], there is no easy solution for this.
> [1]
> [2]

No easy solution indeed, but it seems feasible on Chrome and Mozilla 
(Firefox, Firefox OS, Firefox on Android) platforms.
Both are trying to push for using the web for applications, on desktop, 
laptops *and* devices (phones/tablets)
They are trying to do this "the good" way, not by the ancient browser 
war of "the one who drafted the crappiest API first" but by talking to 
each other (safari, IE, firefox, chrome) and having a nice common API 
and have it certified and ugreed upon by W3C and such

So the fact that Firefox and Chrome already have such API:

pretty much says that in the near future it will get included in 
javascript/html5 and such by w3c and standardized :)

But it's maybe not a good solution for today (except if you are OK to 
drop safari and IE support ;))

My 2 cents,

Yann Sionneau

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