anelok: power games

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Dec 16 09:52:15 EST 2013

Felix wrote:
> Wow, it looks great! It even looks better than a lot of kickstarter
> "prototypes" ;)

Heh, thanks :) And that case isn't even "nice" yet. I.e., apart
from a number of mechanical issues, it still lacks:

- smoothing the sides,
- painting the bottom part,
- switching to a more efficient wall structure (from "B" to "C" of
  [1]) which will in turn bring the paint closer to the outside.


> You've more experience than me in this business, but I've in my "to test
> list" the bq25504

Nice characteristics but rather expensive. I also don't like the
regulator to be something that may need a substantial redesign if
it has to be substituted. We already have a number of single-source
and thus "risky" componentes. The fewer the better.

For Anelok, I already have the TI TLV61220 as an almost-drop-in-
replacement for the Skyworks AAT1217. The AAT1217's data sheet
suggests it has a high idle current (I'd have to measure to be
sure, though) but the TLV61220 should be fine, even if it isn't
quite as good as the BQ25504.

- Werner

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