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Wed Feb 27 07:44:30 EST 2013

@Werner: If the community has dissolved, and Sharism take an another
direction - what could be the next step? How can we help? How can I


2013/2/27 Werner Almesberger <werner at almesberger.net>:
> Mark Tuson wrote:
>> So yeah, are we going to get a Ya Nanonote, or was it only ever a
>> pipe dream?
> That project seems to have died. Sharism, the company that made
> the Ben, has evolved in a different direction, I don't know of
> anybody has the resources to finance the R&D and production of a
> Ya, and telling by the responses Ya-related discussions in the
> last months have produced, it would also seem that the community
> has largely dissolved by now.
> I think the idea is still good, and the lack of commercial success
> of the Ben shouldn't stop anyone with the right skills, resources,
> and contacts from trying to do better.
> - Werner
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