A little more fun with UBB: ubbctl

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Sun Jan 6 11:49:50 EST 2013

Sometimes it's useful to be able to have a quick means to check
the status of UBB signals and to reconfigure them.


Does all this. Just "ubbctl" displays the state of the signals
by decoding the register settings, e.g.,

# ubbctl
nPWR=1 DAT2=F1 DAT3=F1 CMD=F1 CLK=Z1 DAT0=1 DAT1=0

For continuous display, use

# ubbctl -c

and exit with Ctrl-C.

Pins can also be configured with ubbctl. For example,

# ubbctl dat0=0 dat2=1 clk=z

would make DAT0 an output driven low, DAT2 an output driven
high, and CLK an input without pull-up.

The same pin can be reconfigured multiple times. E.g., to send
a positive pulse on DAT0, one could

# ubbctl dat0=1 dat0=0

Last but not least, ubbctl can control power to the 8:10

# ubbctl on
# ubbctl off

- Werner

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