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Sun Jan 27 21:31:44 EST 2013

- overview of where the view (white rectangle) is in the buffer
  (grey bar)

- center-of-view marker (fixed blue triangle)

- the waveforms. Multiple transitions on the same pixel (here we
  have none) would be shown in red-orange.

- optional user reference (green triangle), see below

- position of the center, in time and samples

- sample rate with interval between samples below it

- size of a division (the grey vertical lines) in samples with
  seconds below

- for the interval between center and the user reference:
  time, samples, and 1/time

If anyone wants to play with the GUI on a non-Ben Linux system:

$ cd ben-blinkenlights/ubb-la
$ make host
$ ./try 12000000

The pattern shown is a very regular binary counter. That's why
zoom and pan look a bit funny unless you zoom all the way in.

- Werner

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