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Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jul 10 11:24:04 EDT 2013

Christoph Pulster wrote:
> Thanks Werner for your infos. Do you want to say, Sharism has no more  
> stocks of Nanonote units ??

Ah no, I meant "you" as the only channel that still sells them,
and in the sense that, without access to units from Sharism, it
wouldn't be feasible for anyone of us to make more Bens.

I don't know about Sharism's current stock. I would assume that
Sharism still has hundreds of Bens in the warehouse of the
fulfillment center in Hong Kong, but I don't know if that
business relationship is still intact.

The fulfillment center is a company that stocks things for other
companies and ships them according to their orders. So it's not
part of Sharism.

And "Sharism" really means "Wolfgang". I don't work for or
represent Sharism, and it's been months since I heard anything
about Sharism's business from Wolfgang.

- Werner

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