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I would love a rockbox mp3 player
On Mar 1, 2013 7:34 PM, "lee jones" <slothpuck at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all!
> First of all sorry if I make any mistakes or errors in this, as I'm no
> hardware or software expert!
> I've read through the ya nanonote thread and been following this for a
> little while now off-and-on.
> Me personally I must say I quite like the ben nanonote overall. It has
> quite a good battery life and for its size I cannot even think of
> another device which is even remotely similar. Those are pretty good.
> One thought did occur to me though. If the ya nanonote is not going to
> be possible how's about doing something like this for the interim
> perod until a new device is made. First of all .... well, are there
> any large quantities of ben nanonotes still lying about unsold at all?
>  Would it be worth upgrading and selling them?
> Here's the idea - and I don't know if it is at all possible. How's
> about (say) doing an upgrade to the existing (unsold) ben nanonotes,
> let's say do something important such as (say) removing the usb
> controller chip and making it a usb host chip. Then prehaps - say
> 50-50 you sell half the upgraded nanonotes  as - let's say "nanonote+"
> and the others you sell the boards so others can upgrade existing
> nanonotes, with the screens/cases/keyboards/batteries being kept back
> as spares. Good or bad idea, or not possible?
> But going back to the ya nanonote if some hardware should ever emerge
> for it that would be good :) . Only thing I'd wish for is half decent
> battery life and some sort of CPU which isn't horribly slow as soon as
> you use it. This seems to be the problem with a lot of ARM based
> devices (the other problem being mandatory propietary drivers) - take
> your pick -- cheapo chinese tablets, netbooks, arm computers on a usb
> stick they all have similar problems.
> It is possible though to produce some sort of usuable computer which
> is reasonably good, has wifi, usb host, decent battery etc. Just look
> at the open pandora. While it isn't 100% on being exactly open, it
> does have all those things. I bought one of these, one of the old
> 256MB early devices the first ones made a few years back now and it
> proves very useful being a) small and b) long battery life.
> One last thought though. If it's impossible to go for a ya nanonote
> for the future, how's about going in a different direction and making
> a differernt device. How's about (say) a media player/recorder device
> but which can have USB devices attached. I'm thinking of something
> very roughly along the lines of the old sansa e200 music players.
> Indeed thse older players run an open source program called "rockbox"
> which can supplant the propietary firmware (to an extent).
> Imagine a device which could then run either rockbox or gnu/linux, but
> be a tiny music player/recorder but which could then interface up via
> USB (host). Such a tiny device could double up as a note taker and
> music player. Anyway, just a thought going 'round my mind.
> ljones
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