Ya Nanonote

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Tue Mar 5 10:39:38 EST 2013

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:
> Here is Luke's (One of the top Rhombus-Tech people.) thoughts:

Yeah, he's basically confirming what I was saying: EOMA is a
different kind of beast. If you want to make a device like the
Nanonote at a price point of USD 150 or less, you need to
optimize cost quite aggressively.

Also, longevity isn't everything, particularly when that
includes upgrades. At some point, it's better for everyone
involved if you just toss the box full of obsolete technology
and get a new one where everything is up to date.

For those few cases where this isn't an option, the openness
of the design will help to find a solution suitable for those
needs. But you don't need to optimize what 99% of people will
use for the 1% special cases.

- Werner

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