DOSBox 0.74, NetHack and Rogue for Nanonote

Anthony slaanesh at
Thu Mar 14 19:00:48 EDT 2013

I've been working bursts on DOSBox for the Ben Nanonote for quite a few years. Unfortunately I was sitting on it for a long time but my interest has been re-kindled and I upgraded it from 0.73 to 0.74. I've got an initial release ready.
It features a fully working MIPS32r1 dynamic recompiler. The dosbox.conf is configured to a nice default setting - but feel free to play around.
Note some options may cause DOSBox to stop working correctly, so use the base dosbox.conf as a reference.

It's not a package, so you'll have to install it manually. Sorry!
I updated the DOSBox.png icon but sometimes the file archive takes a little while to update. If you have trouble creating a link to gmenux then that's the reason.

I've also re-compiled Nethack 3.4.3 taking jmarch's original compile and using the OpenDingux toolchain so that it works with modern distributions of OpenWRT. Also, this version should work on all filesystems (ie. FAT32, etc) too as it was previously compiled to only work with Unix-like filesystems. If you were getting a "perm_lock" error previously this should fix it.

Last but not least there is Rogue which I recompiled from my GP2X version. Run it from the script as this sets up the game including using "setfont2" to switch to 80x30 text mode.
I know it's tiny but it works great.

You can find links to downloads from my homepage:



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