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Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_qi-hardware at aross.me
Sat Mar 16 21:35:11 EDT 2013

I think there has been a misunderstanding. I guess I should be able to 
improve my writings in the future.

On 28/02/13 06:48, Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 01:41:39AM +0000, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:
>> Been relying msgs. I am out of my depth on these technical things. Here
>> is Luke's (One of the top Rhombus-Tech people.) thoughts:
> First you said EOMA-CF would be the answer. After, you said you are out of your
> depth on those technical things. mmmmh...

I understand the concept but the technical details are out of my depth.

On 27/02/13 14:04, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:> On 27/02/13 
12:32, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
>> HI guys,
>> What I would like to do is talk about somehow redesigning. Because as
>> the ARM gets more and more space between hackers, and the complete
>> boards are going cheap, there is no cost effective alternative? Could
>> be an alternative to sell only an versatile board, and maybe let the
>> people to dress up?
> Like I said. EOMA-CF would be the answer.

"would be the answer" was in context of Zoltan's post. I guess I should 
of included a "if" statement of "would if it is suitable (or other word?)"

> But, I understand you pointed Luke L. that we (or werner) think that EOMA-CF
> is an optimise-the-design-around-a-single-processor strategy.

I only quoted what people said. I didn’t say that. I guess that’s how 
Werner’s post came across to Luke. Perhaps bear in mind that Luke has 
had people who haven’t understood that's it's not a 

> Then, how do you think EOMA is the answer for a next YA NAnonote?
> R.

Designers would focus on the case and features, functions. The wish-list 
is no longer add more ram or more computing power. It's a improved 
keyboard, A covert(as in spy) mic on the lid for covert recording. FM 
transmitter (boom boxs = wireless speakers), colour eink screen, etc

I was not expecting it to be the same size as the ben NN. I was 
expecting it to be a bigger with a wider keyboard :). Regarding SATA, I 
quite like the thought of it have a small sized SSD to put a few hundred 
GB's of FLAC music on :), Bushcraft/survival book's and other info on. 
Long audio recordings. Camera SD Cared dumps, etc.

If you think I should be awarded with a skull of punishment for, lets 
say for: being a ID10T error then please do say.

1 more post from the backlog done.

BTW ingenic jz4760 eoma-68 card: http://rhombus-tech.net/jz4760/news/

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