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On 2013-03-17 at 00:54:28 +0000, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:
> interest to him. I was also thinking that cartridges would help
> space wise. One SD for games games games! Another SD of every thing
> else. This way you have space left for music,videos,info,etc. Then
> again this would be mass marketed and so more NN made and so I guess
> one could make the internal flash bigger! Doh!
> [...]
> Regarding free space on the internal flash, OPKG can install pkgs in
> odd places like "/mnt/sd/".

the people at OpenPandora faced a similar problem and developed 
the PND format as a solution: they are squashfs images with an installed 
application and its dependencies (beyond what the default OS 
provides), mounted on request by a small helper program.
An additional rw layer is stored in another directory on the SD card, 
for user changes.

This way the card is totally self contained and can be 
plugged and unplugged without worry.
Many users have different cards for different activities, 
in a cartridge-like fashion, except that the base OS is not 

There is nothing explicitely pandora-dependant on it, but I don't 
think anobudy has ever tried to run it somewhere else, some work 
may be needed.

One caveat: the pandora has relatively a lot of memory (256MB on the 
original models, 512MB today) and very little NAND space (512MB): 
applications on the NAND are problematic, wasting a bit of RAM 
for a daemon is not.

Elena ``of Valhalla''

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