DOSBox 0.74, NetHack and Rogue for Nanonote

Jiří Brožovský jiri.brozovsky at
Wed Mar 20 04:34:47 EDT 2013

Dear Anthony,

Thank you very much for the DOSBox. I can confirm that you binary
works well on my NanoNote.

The emulation makes programs to run slightly slower than on my real 8
MHz 8086 box (the PSION MC600 laptop) :-)

Now I have to investigate if it is possible to make the text mode more
readable... and I have to test the games, too.

Best regards,
Jiri Brozovsky

2013/3/15, Anthony <slaanesh at>:
> I've been working bursts on DOSBox for the Ben Nanonote for quite a few
> years. Unfortunately I was sitting on it for a long time but my interest has
> been re-kindled and I upgraded it from 0.73 to 0.74. I've got an initial
> release ready.
> It features a fully working MIPS32r1 dynamic recompiler. The dosbox.conf is
> configured to a nice default setting - but feel free to play around.
> Note some options may cause DOSBox to stop working correctly, so use the
> base dosbox.conf as a reference.
> It's not a package, so you'll have to install it manually. Sorry!
> I updated the DOSBox.png icon but sometimes the file archive takes a little
> while to update. If you have trouble creating a link to gmenux then that's
> the reason.
> I've also re-compiled Nethack 3.4.3 taking jmarch's original compile and
> using the OpenDingux toolchain so that it works with modern distributions of
> OpenWRT. Also, this version should work on all filesystems (ie. FAT32, etc)
> too as it was previously compiled to only work with Unix-like filesystems.
> If you were getting a "perm_lock" error previously this should fix it.
> Last but not least there is Rogue which I recompiled from my GP2X version.
> Run it from the script as this sets up the game including using
> "setfont2" to switch to 80x30 text mode.
> I know it's tiny but it works great.
> You can find links to downloads from my homepage:
> Enjoy!
> Anthony
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