DOSBox 0.74, NetHack and Rogue for Nanonote (Ji?? Bro?ovsk?)

Jiří Brožovský jiri.brozovsky at
Wed Mar 27 17:32:56 EDT 2013


Thanks for the update, it works OK. I probably use a specific things
under the DOSBox (a compiler and a computational code that I compiled)
so the speedup is not that big for me. Anyway it is nice to have the
working DOSBox on the NanoNote. Thanks!
Bes regards,
Jiri Brozovsky

2013/3/20, Anthony <slaanesh at>:
> Please try the second release with a swapfile, it is much faster :)
> See
> -Anthony
>> Thank you very much for the DOSBox. I can confirm that you binary
>> works well on my NanoNote.
>> The emulation makes programs to run slightly slower than on my real 8
>> MHz 8086 box (the PSION MC600 laptop) :-)
>> Now I have to investigate if it is possible to make the text mode more
>> readable... and I have to test the games, too.
>> Best regards,
>> Jiri Brozovsky
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