anelok: MDF case prototype

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Nov 3 22:00:55 EST 2013

I milled the case out of MDF. While MDF is no match for the delicate
details of the case, it's just good enough to show the principal

Alas, the LED column (2 mm diameter) didn't survive and the borders
look as if they had been exposed to the elements for some centuries.
But the overall structure is right, which means that I seem to have
gotten all the coordinate transforms in the toolpath generation
process right.

This is what the assembled case would look like:

The USB A connector rides fairly high, which is because of the two
large "claws" that hold it on the PCB. Alas, the all-SMT part I've
shown in the previous picture is too exotic to use for this project,
and all the regular ones have those claws.

- Werner

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