anelok: the Y-Box paint job, part 3: action

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Nov 17 03:07:55 EST 2013

After all the painting and polishing it's time to see the result in
real life. The Y-Box doesn't do much but it does of course have a LED.
Here it is, connected and powered:

Besides the shortcomings I've already mentioned, I think it looks
pretty decent. Since there are about 2 mm of clear plastic around the
black "core", it also has a nice contrast in front of a dark

One drawback of having a shiny case with glossy paint is that it's
surprisingly hard to find an angle that doesn't put all sorts of
confusing reflections (camera, lamp, windows, etc.) in the picture.
Oh well :)

Next: alternative painting schemes.

- Werner

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