anelok: the Y-Box paint job, part 3: action

Paul Boddie paul at
Sun Nov 17 13:31:42 EST 2013

On Sunday 17. November 2013 18.38.27 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Hmm, there may be a bit of confusion. Here's a picture:
> Blue arrows are communication, red arrows are power.

I was meaning to ask about this since I probably wasn't paying attention at 
the time, but I suppose the Y-Box is effectively an unpowered hub (that is, no 
external power supply, just running off bus power) where you can have two USB 
hosts connected at the same time and where the Anelok appears as a peripheral 
to the PC but as a host to any connected keyboard. And where Anelok can also 
act as a peripheral for power consumption purposes. Or in pictures...

USB: PC -> Y-Box -> Anelok
USB: Anelok -> Y-Box -> Keyboard
Power: PC -> Y-Box -> {Anelok, Keyboard}

Is that correct?


P.S. It sort of reminds me of the messing around I did with an Arduino as a 
USB host proxy for the Ben, with the Ben as a USB peripheral tunnelling host 
requests over a virtual pipe for the Arduino to process as a genuine host 
before passing the results back to the Ben. In the end, I just connected the 
Arduino's USB host shield directly to the Ben via the 8:10 port and did away 
with all the indirection, especially as a hub had to be involved. :-)

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