anelok: USB host

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Nov 20 11:36:56 EST 2013

As promised, a look inside the Y-Box and Anelok making use of it,
all in the same picture:

Anelok's display shows the detection of an ATUSB board. It sees
that it's a full-speed device, reads the first eight bytes of the
Device Descriptor and determines that the size of Endpoint 0 is 64
bytes, then retrieves the entire Device Descriptor, where it
finally encounters the board's USB IDs.

The version shown in the picture still had a bug the made all other
devices but ATUSB hate it, but it now successfully talks to a few
full-speed USB dongles and also to a low-speed mouse.

There's still a lot of USB stack to do, but it's a beginning.

- Werner

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