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Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Nov 21 09:24:32 EST 2013

On Thursday 21. November 2013 04.41.00 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> By the way, I found a company that makes a somewhat similar
> device:
> At 80.0 x 35.6 x 22.1 mm (63 ccm), it's a little bulkier than Anelok
> with currently about 84.5 x 30.0 x 10.4 mm (26.4 ccm). Pretty design,
> though.

"Onyx Black"! Sounds like a Bond villain.

> Other differences include that they use voice recognition (nice) and
> a fingerprint scanner (dubious), that they have a rechargeable
> battery (good luck with that :-), and that they have lots of nice
> wireless options, for which I envy them.

I wonder if the patent trolls have shaken them down over the voice recognition 

> They seem to rely on having a PC around for password/account
> management and even a cloud service (optional, probably to fool the
> gullible). And of course there doesn't seem to be anything open
> about their hard- or software.

"As always, we continue to evaluate the device to make sure it is built with 
the most complete set of features to protect your data. As you know, we had to 
make modifications to the board because of this and in light of the NSA and 
Snowden news, our security experts are triple checking that we are covering 
all the bases."

All your base are important to us!

> They did a nice kickstarter campaign
> -your-finger

I like the way they already have three CES awards, and the NASCAR-like wall of 
logos seems to indicate that they certainly know how to run a campaign.

> but now the whiners are up in arms because there are some
> delays
> -your-finger/comments

"We know it is not a shop! What we ask for is communication."

The war cry of Kickstarter if there ever was one.

The reassuring thing about this is that there obviously is a market for this 
kind of device, given that they asked for $150000 and got more than three 
times that from the impatient mob.


P.S. One might also conclude that there is also a market for Kickstarter 
"campaign promotion" services, but I think XKCD already covered that 

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