anelok: revisiting Bluetooth, tentative roadmap 2/2

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Nov 23 12:46:49 EST 2013

Paul Boddie wrote:
> You may have to draw us another diagram. :-)

Here you are :)

> PC -> Y-Box -> Anelok
> Here, the Y-Box provides bus power like an unpowered hub.

Hmm yes, power but no communication. Of course, unless you actually
want the communication to be severed, you could just plug the cable
going from PC to Y-Box directly into Anelok.

> Anelok -> Y-Box -> Keyboard
> Here, the Y-Box provides its own power (actually from the PC)

... which would be just the "Keyboard" configuration.

> So, you have an unpowered hub and a powered hub in the same box.

I think that may be stretching the definition a little :)

> It does get me thinking about the notion of a smart USB hub, though, despite 
> my instinctive dislike of the technology.

USB hubs should be fun ;-) I've been able to avoid dealing with
them from the programming side so far, but I feel that these days
of blissful ignorance are counted ...

- Werner

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