anelok: revisiting Bluetooth, tentative roadmap 2/2

Paul Boddie paul at
Sat Nov 23 14:03:39 EST 2013

On Saturday 23. November 2013 18.46.49 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Paul Boddie wrote:
> > You may have to draw us another diagram. :-)
> Here you are :)

Not confusing at all. No, sir! ;-)

> > PC -> Y-Box -> Anelok
> > 
> > Here, the Y-Box provides bus power like an unpowered hub.
> Hmm yes, power but no communication. Of course, unless you actually
> want the communication to be severed, you could just plug the cable
> going from PC to Y-Box directly into Anelok.

Well, I was thinking of the case of Anelok acting as a virtual USB keyboard, 
which you probably ruled out early on and I just forgot about it.

In the last version of the communications diagram, I mistook the wireless 
Anelok-PC blue communication arrow for some kind of USB communication: I 
didn't notice the radiating waves from the PC and Anelok, or perhaps 
interpreted them as meaning something else, maybe the NSA backdoors! ;-)


> USB hubs should be fun ;-) I've been able to avoid dealing with
> them from the programming side so far, but I feel that these days
> of blissful ignorance are counted ...

I doubt that they're that much fun, but you never know. I've seen ridiculously 
equipped 12 port hubs or something like that from cheap gadget shops, which 
must really be a collection of hubs combined in the same box because I don't 
think the USB standard actually allows more than a reasonably small number of 
ports per hub.


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