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Sat Nov 30 21:14:01 EST 2013

Hello list, and especially Werner,

Some time ago, I've played a bit with KiCad, and couldn't get used to
some parts of it.  Since you've worked quite a bit with it as well, I'd
like to know if you aren't bothered by those things, or have ways to
solve them:

1. I want to own my pointer.  KiCad continuously warps it all over the
place, and it's very annoying.  Even after knowing it does this and
trying to get used to it for a while, I still hate it for doing that.

2. Library management seems to be very bad.  I have a library of custom
schematic parts, and one of custom pcb parts, and I want to put them
somewhere, where a new project will automatically find them.  But that
doesn't seem to be possible (except in system directories, but I don't
want them there).  I have to add the directory with my libraries to the
schematic editor and to the pcb editor for every new project.  I'm
guessing I'm missing something here.

3. Its own router is useless.  It has a convenient interface to run
freerouter, but this is only free as in beer, is downloaded from the
internet every time you use it (so I just hope it isn't taken offline)
and doesn't even have a page with a license or contact information.  It
does work pretty well, but I feel very uncomfortable with it.

4. After working on a project for a while, there are many files in the
project directory.  Which ones are source, and which can be regenerated?
I think the netlist can be generated, but the information which pcb part
is providing which schematic part might be written in there as well?

That's it for now; I suppose it's enough. ;-)  I tried subscribing to
their mailinglist some time ago, so I could ask these questions there
(and offer to fix at least item 1, and possibly 4 in the process, but
I'm not going to do that if they don't want to include my patches), but
that didn't work at the time.  I might try that again, too.

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