anelok: layout update(s)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Oct 2 14:33:24 EDT 2013

By the way, I've been updating the layout. Most of the changes are
relatively minor, shortening some traces, improving clearance, and

Today, I made two more significant changes to the mechanical

1) rounded the corners on the antenna side (3.2 mm radius at the
   PCB edge)

2) added a hole for an optional lanyard or similar. The hole in
   the PCB is 4.4 mm x 5.4 mm, which means that a channel with an
   outer size of 4 x 5 mm could pass from the shell through the
   PCB, yielding an inner opening of 2 x 3 mm (with 1 mm walls).

   The lanyard channel could also pass outside the PCB, but I
   kinda like the idea of it holding all the pieces together.

I currently estimate the overall thickness of the device at 10.4
mm, so - while not extremely thin - it would still have the kind
of thickness of things people hang around their neck.

- Werner

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