Debian may drop MIPS as an official release architecture

R Paxton mrrhq1 at
Sat Oct 5 17:57:45 EDT 2013

Well, just because I'm not very knowledgeable about GNU/Linux and the
Debian project makes my E-mail seem like I was trolling?

To this day, I've still been teaching myself Linux for a couple years and
I'm still distro hopping. Give someone a break. Anyway, I didn't mean to
derail because I know this is about the lack of MIPS maintainers, but I
don't know if anyone from Qi really wants do do anything about it.

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:56 PM, kyak <bas at> wrote:

> I'm really suprised that this e-mail recevied such versatile answers,
> considering that every sentence of that message is a mixture of negativity
> and incompetence or just trolling.
> On Fri, 4 Oct 2013, R Paxton wrote:
>  Is this really true?
>> Debian has been nothing but problems for me over time. APT is so complex
>> that I can't even set my own compiler flags for my software like CCFLAGS
>> and
>> USE flags (for Gentoo) unless I use something like my own local repo with
>> deb package source files. I might just have to consider switching all of
>> my
>> systems to Gentoo/FreeBSD if Debian still cannot get their policies and
>> issues straightened out.
>> They've even removed Virtualbox from the free repo because it's compiled
>> with a proprietary compiler. And Wine nowadays does not even work right
>> for
>> me under Debian. How dumb is that? Because of changes like these that the
>> Debian folks make, it makes the entire system more and more unstable every
>> time.
>> I'm not saying anyone should stay away from Debian if they drop MIPS, but
>> at
>> least try the Portage and Ports system too in Gentoo and FreeBSD before
>> deciding that Debian has "simply the best package manager". Certainly,
>> Debian does not have some of the best maintainers.
>> On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:31 AM, Paul Boddie <paul at> wrote:
>>       On Friday 4. October 2013 06.01.41 Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
>>       >
>>       > On Fri, Oct 04, 2013 at 05:17:26AM +0200, David Kuehling
>>       wrote:
>>       > >
>> > > just to let you know that given the very limited amount of people
>> who
>> > > seem to be available for MIPS-related porting and fixing, Debian
>> may not
>> > > include architecture MIPS as an official release architecture for
>> Debian
>> > > Jessie:
>> >
>> > What is exactly people available for MIPS-related porting?
>> Yes, some specifics would be good about what the issues are (without
>> having to
>> read the whole thread). The summary table is amusing: hurd-i386 comes
>> out
>> ahead; perhaps we should get hurd-mipsel running on the Ben. ;-)
>> I've done Debian packaging but haven't managed to graduate to DD
>> status, but
>> I'd probably lend my effort to helping out if the alternative was no
>> more
>> Debian on MIPS and thus no more Debian on devices like the Ben.
>> Paul
>> P.S. I'm only half-joking about the Hurd on the Ben. With the complete
>> driver
>> support for Linux, I wonder if it would be feasible to fully support
>> the Hurd
>> on the Ben as well.
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