Simple graphic output

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Oct 21 09:58:16 EDT 2013

On Monday 21. October 2013 01.45.04 mark adrian bell wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> To practice my Perl programming, I've been writing a simple turtle-graphics
> program. It outputs a list of points like this one:
> 0 0
> 0 1
> 1 1
> 1 0
> 0 0
> Can you recommend a simple program or library to display this? GnuPlot
> sounds like a good choice, but I need to upgrade my firmware for that. Is
> there an easy way to display SVG?

I didn't find an easy way, but maybe I was making it difficult for myself 
deliberately. For example, I wanted to render SVG using something that is 
compatible with PyGame, and I ended up looking at Cairo, but this led to a lot 
of library rebuilding that didn't end up producing decent results with 
OpenWrt: there was still a colour channel swapping problem that wouldn't go 
away. See the following section on the wiki for some more information:

(That led me to doing stuff with Debian instead of OpenWrt, but I still 
haven't got into the act of rebuilding packages with different capabilities, 
mostly because cross-compiling Debian packages is not a perfected process by 
any means.)

Maybe there are some libraries that do SVG on top of SDL directly. Certainly, 
the SDL stack is pretty well supported in the firmware on the Ben. I copied 
Werner and made use of the SDL_gfx support for a recent endeavour:

> Thanks to everyone working on the Ben Nanonote. Now I can practice
> programming wherever I go.

It's certainly a lot more fun in different ways than everyone originally 
anticipated, that's for sure. :-)


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