anelok: first draft of the Y-Box

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Oct 25 22:19:49 EDT 2013

The Y-Box is the contraption that will connect an Anelok acting as
USB host with a (USB) power source and a USB device.

I made a first draft of the Y/Z stacking:

This drawing is fairly crowded and is near the limit of what can be
drawn in an understandable way with fped. The good things is that
its' fully parametrized, so e.g., changing a tolerance will update
everything that depends on it. The different types of lines are
easier to tell apart when magnifying the page.

All measurements are in mm.

The two boxes in the middle are the receptacles for USB A and Micro
USB B. The two small boxes under the USB A connector are its "legs"
that go through the PCB. The thin border at 0.8 mm from the USB A
connector is the "mouth" of the connector.

The PCB is drawn with a slightly thinner line than the connectors.
On the outside, we have the top and bottom case shell. I didn't draw
openings, but they're relatively straightforward.

It should be pretty easy to generate a 2.5D model from this.

Next, the circuit. Schematics:

The diode D2 makes sure the LED isn't lit when connecting Analok
and power source to the wrong ports.

The layout:

This is completely untested. I'll need to build it when getting to
USB host mode, but that'll still take a while.

The information most important for now is the thickness of the case
parts. I'll need that to buy acrylic blocks of the right size for
making the various cases.

- Werner

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