Statistics: August 2013

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Sep 3 00:45:58 EDT 2013

The statistics department informs:

IRC traffic on #qi-hardware and #milkymist:

The mailing lists:

Things were fairly quiet in August. The mailing lists had slightly
more traffic than the month before, with Milkymist doubling its
traffic (but still at a low level) and Qi-Hw slumping a little.

IRC showed the opposite trend: overall traffic was slightly below
last month's. #milkymist was eerily quiet, having its least busy
month in recorded history, with a meager 12 kB of compressed
traffic. #qi-hardware, on the other hand, continued its increase
from last month and performed roughly like it did a year ago.

We should see a jump on the Milymist side when the Mixxeo
prototypes are done. It also seems that a few more people have
started to experiment with UBB, so the Qi-Hw side may see some
more traffic because of that as well.

- Werner

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