pwsafe: MCU selection, first round

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Wed Sep 11 23:04:29 EDT 2013

The KL2 MKL25Z128VFT4   M0+      48 MHz 48-QFN  128 kB   16 kB  USB-Reg, ID
looks like a winner based on current information. It certainly doesn't hurt
that it costs > $2.00
LESS than competing MCUs. Also, it has the better low-power consumption

Unrelated [to MCU selection] question in a separate email.

I think you are on to something with the password safe idea. Not a mega hit,
but a nice little niche that is do-able, and just might catch on. As in
is not out of the question, given a lot more work on identifying WHY people
need it
and might be motivated to invest money. If you can make money with a retail
NTE $50 it can work.

Ron K Jeffries

Ron K. Jeffries

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> I wrote:
> > [ a lot ]
> That should of course have ended with:
> Any comments this far ?
> - Werner
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