project idea: portable password safe

Felix sucotronic at
Fri Sep 13 04:14:34 EDT 2013

> Hmm, the "modern" version of this would be a QR code. Needs a
> camera, though :)

That's a new business idea, a camera module with built-in QR reader
firmware, with UART output; could be interesting for some integrators. Oh,
wait!! That already exists!![1]

A cooperative selector construction could involve a registry.
> That would allow for very compact codes, e.g., 24 bits for the
> registrant organization, 8 bits for the service, 32 bits for
> the account, 8 bits for the CRC, and another 8 bits for framing.
> That's a total of 80 bits or 10 seconds

You can always opt to hash some data (e.g. the url) and get something
shorter. Also in my jsfiddle I've put 100ms between bits, but you can try
to lower it to 33ms (most of monitors works on 60hz, so it should work).

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