project idea: portable password safe

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Sep 13 23:48:25 EDT 2013

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> Mark's tone sounded like he meant this shouldn't be discussed on this
> list

Oh, I didn't catch this possible interpretation. Well, Qi-Hardware has
never been only about the NanoNote, even though it played and continues
to play a central role.

If many people feel inconvenienced by the sudden surge of list traffic,
we can certainly take this to a separate list, but for now I'm operating
under the assumption that some fresh activity is generally welcome.

> To counter that, I like to say I really like this
> discussion, especially the part where I get to see some steps on how Werner
> goes about designing such a thing and choosing components.

Thanks ! :-) Making this process transparent is also important given the
purpose of the project. And of course, that's the only way to get

I'm trying to pace the number of topics, so that people who are
interested in following this have enough time to read it and don't just
get swamped by a dozen new things. Today was a bit busy because I wanted
to get a first order out to Digi-Key before the weekend, so that I'll
have most of the components early next week. They're on their way now :)

- Werner

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