project idea: portable password safe

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Sep 14 15:04:10 EDT 2013

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> After logging in, I searched "pwsafe" and found what seems to be a
> different project, a Linux program.

Hmm, maybe the name I picked is a tad too generic :-)

Let's try to find a better name ...

Using Google Translate, I translated "unlock" from English to Urdu.

Urdu, because I was looking for themes around "open sesame". Now,
the corresponding language there would be Arabic, but I didn't
find anything nice-sounding there.

The closest place for (to Westerners) obscure languages would be
Persian, but "unlock" becomes "gushwdn" or "gushewden" which both
sound somewhat odd. "Key" would be "kelad" but that domain name is
too good to not already be taken.

Continuing in the same direction, there is Urdu. For "unlock",
Google Translate suggests "انلاک" (this shows empty in my xterm but
I suppose copy&paste did place something there :)

Then I went to and
"romanized" it, getting "anlak". But it mentions that this still
needs "cleaning up". (Besides, that domain name is already taken.)

This is to be done on
yielding "anelak". Now, that's almost "unlock". Could it just be a
transliteration instead of a translation ?

Going back to Google Translate and translating the original glyphs
to German (to avoid getting a mere transliteration), I get "Schalte".
In French, "Déverrouillez". Spanish, "descubrir". So the translation
seems to be genuine.

Now, "" is of course taken as well. But "" seems
available, and a Web search yielded a very moderate number of hits
for such a short name.

Now, the moment you speak in public about a domain name, chances are
some bot will snatch it. So I went to and registered it.
Joker also offered some more TLDs, one oddly appropriate: .pw

So, welcome and both pronounced "unlock", of
course ;-)

Any comments ? Reasons not to use that name ?

> I will attempt to put your project overview in the wiki on your Gitorious,
> if that is OK.

That's perfect, thanks ! I'd like to keep the main page relatively
compact (i.e., no link farm or TL;DR text), so please make this a

- Werner

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