project idea: portable password safe

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Sep 14 15:55:54 EDT 2013

Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> Just curious: why not use

We're still using bits of it :) The problem with is
that it's uncertain whether and for how long things will stay around.
Wolfgang has gone into hiding and nobody knows of his future plans.
He's probably working on his secret superweapon for world domination
on a remote island in the South China Sea, Blofeld-style :-)
He still seems to fix things when they break, though.

What we still use are:
- the mailing list,
- the IRC channel (although that's independent),
- Web space (

Especially the Web space is dear to me. It's hard to find something
for "just files" elsewhere.

For the Wiki, Gitorious has the advantage that its Wiki is git-based,
so one can also do the editing locally, generate content with
scripts, etc. That's a HUGE advantage over a Web-only Wiki.

- Werner

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