setting up the EDA environment for anelok (was Re: pwsafe: MCU selection, first round)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Sep 16 10:19:08 EDT 2013

I wrote:
> Just
> git clone git at
> git clone git at

This is sufficient for schematics. You'll need KiCad and can then
view/edit the schematics with

cd anelok/hw/
make sch

For the layout, you need a recent version of KiCad (that supports
the new .kicad_pcb board format). You also have to

make -C kicad-libs/components
make -C kicad-libs/modules
make -C ../../ben-wpan/modules

This in turn requires fped. If you don't have that yet,

git clone git at
make -C fped install

Fped also has a set of prerequisites (nothing overly fancy), which
are listed in

Some distributions also have fped packaged, so you may be able to
use that one. But better to use the latest version.

To do: set up schematics history generation for anelok (so that one
can simply get a PDF without having to set up the whole EDA
environment), similar to what we have for other Qi-Hw projects. That
will need a bit of work, though, since some items may have suffered
bit rot and I'll need to make a parallel install with an older version
of KiCad, since the "batch mode" these tools use has radically changed.

- Werner

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