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Felix sucotronic at
Wed Sep 18 11:38:01 EDT 2013

I don't know if Werner have something in mind, but it would be great to
discuss the possible UIs that can be implemented in an 128x64 screen with a
dial wheel and a button.

Right now I can think the following

1. Insert pin screen
  You have to insert a numeric pin of some fixed length. To choose a number
you scroll up or down, press button to confirm and enter following, or when
length is totalled, check password. Long press can delete last entered
number. In the screen you'll only see asterisks (as usual).

| Enter pin    +
| ______       +
| Enter pin    +
| **8___       +
| Enter pin    +
| *****6       +

2. Main screen
  You can scroll up or down among the names of stored data

| Gmail      ↑ +
| AT&T       ↓ +

 3. You choose an entry and see the data, scrolling through info. Long
press takes you to main list:

| User:        +
| freakSafer ↓ +

4. If you leave the device on without interaction for more than 2 mins
(e.g), the screen will be powered off and the cpu will go to deep sleep. To
exist this state you've to do a power cycle.

Well, very basic, but is a idea to start, no?
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