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Felix sucotronic at
Thu Sep 19 05:31:09 EDT 2013

> I was thinking of the following input scheme:
> - rotate in any direction to get the first letter/digit,
> - rotate in the opposite direction for the second,
> - change direction again for the third, etc.
> - to delete one letter, press the center button, after which
>   you turn in the direction you want.
> - waiting 0.5 s (or similar) ends input and starts validation.
> The display would show the current letter/digit plus briefly
> the last one, so one could be sure that the button press didn't
> alter it.

I'm tempted to do this in javascript to see how it works :P

> The display has room for about three lines of reasonably large
> text (~12 pt, bold and illuminated). During code entry, one line
> could show the alphabet in a tiny (4 pixels wide) font. That
> would be hard to read but all you really need to see is the
> rough shape of letter. There would also be room for making some
> of the letters a little larger.

To clarify, it would be something like following, no?

> > 4. If you leave the device on without interaction for more than 2 mins
> > (e.g), the screen will be powered off and the cpu will go to deep sleep.
> I'm thinking of the following states (among other, more specialized
> ones):
> - off: minimum power consumption, password safe is locked,
>   pressing the button a brief moment (longer than just hitting it,
>   to reduce accidental activation), turn on and show the PIN
>   dialog.
> - standby: display is off, LED is lit (possibly via PWM, to save
>   power), password safe is open.  Switches to "off" after a while
>   or when turning the wheel. Goes to "open" when pressing the button.
> - PIN dialog: as described above. With automatic return to "off" if
>   left idle for more than a couple of seconds.
> - open: display is on, password safe is open. Goes to "standby" if
>   idle for a while.
It doesn't have sense to have a off status if you can poweroff the device
with a button, no?
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