anelok user interface

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Sep 19 07:30:36 EDT 2013

Felix wrote:
> To clarify, it would be something like following, no?

My main candidate is currently this one:

But yes, it's the same technology. Mine is a bit larger (1.3"
instead of 0.96", almost the same size as the common 1.4" LCD
modules) and I didn't want hardware-imposed color sectioning
(i.e., yours is still a monochrome display, the upper part is
always yellow, the lower part always blue):

> It doesn't have sense to have a off status if you can poweroff the device
> with a button, no?

You mean the switch ? That one would be used only if one really
wants to make sure the device can't do anything behind one's
back. A bit like taking the battery out of your cell phone
before going to the top-secret meeting.

Besides, you can't so easily auto-power-off a mechanical switch.
Of course, for a determined engineer nothing is impossible ...

Or, if carrying really sensitive passwords that absolutely can't
fall into the wrong hands:

- Werner

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