anelok user interface

EdorFaus edorfaus at
Thu Sep 19 15:40:11 EDT 2013

On 09/19/2013 11:31 AM, Felix wrote:
>     I was thinking of the following input scheme:
> I'm tempted to do this in javascript to see how it works :P

... heh, I had the exact same idea, and have even (barely) started doing 
it, using Processing.js. :P

Won't be quite the same as the device, obviously, as a mouse doesn't 
have quite the same form factor (or the integrated screen), but it's 
probably about as close as we can get until the device is built.

I haven't gotten anywhere really useful yet though, haven't really had 
the time to work on it significantly. So far it just shows an 
appropriately sized rectangle (128x64) that I intend to draw the UI 
into, and detects mouse scrolls and key presses (to use as "button").
I have some ideas about how to implement more though.

I figured I'd start with a basic menu (scroll up/down, select with 
button) and then implement various interface examples (such as the input 
idea above) as menu items, so that it's easy to move back and forth to 

Implementation-wise, the main core idea is to create a set of Mode 
objects, each of which would implement a UI idea (one for menu, one for 
input, etc), and would get exclusive access to GUI and input while 
active (so they should include a way to switch to a different Mode).

Kinda like a state machine where each state is a new state machine.

Huh. I just realized - when done, the device could probably (fairly 
easily) be made to act as a (non-moving) single-button mouse with scroll 

Doesn't sound particularly useful, I suppose, but still.

Although, could perhaps be useful for presentations, at least when 
combined with the wireless dongle? Press button for next slide, or use 
wheel for next-prev, or something like that?

Not sure we'd want to add such a feature to a password safe though... 
but maybe keep in mind as a secondary product idea for the same 
hardware, just with different firmware (and marketing)? ;)

(My guess is that it'd be more expensive than other such devices already 
on the market, so not much point really. :P )


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