anelok user interface

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Sep 19 18:18:15 EDT 2013

EdorFaus wrote:
> Huh. I just realized - when done, the device could probably (fairly
> easily) be made to act as a (non-moving) single-button mouse with
> scroll wheel...

Yes, that should be an easy exercise. You could also add such a
critter easily to a Ben (via UBB). In fact, with a few diodes,
even the larger wheel [1] should work on a Ben. Could be a fun
input device for games ...

    That picture shows the bottom side. For the top view, see the
    data sheet, page four (labeled C-9).

Meanwhile, I've received the first batch of components: everything
I expect to need for the prototype design except the displays and
standard components I already have:

The silverish bag in the upper right corner does not contain some
micro-satellite parts but a flux syringe. The coolant did actually
still feel a little cool, even after almost a week of travel :)

I played a bit with the wheels: both feel pretty nice. The steps
every 15 degree can be clearly felt, so there's good tactile
feedback - something I miss in my cell phone that has a similarly
sized wheel. The larger wheel (black) has a 4-way navigation ring
around the actual wheel. They're mechanically independent, so one
can press the ring without having to fear changing the rotation.

The ring also acts as a guide for the finger when spinning the
wheel, which means that it may be more forgiving when it comes to
case tolerances.

One downside of the large wheel is that little arrows are engraved
in the ring and act as excellent dirt traps.

Anyway, the plan is to try to make this work with the small wheel.

The displays have already cleared customs and should be delivered
tomorrow. I think I'll first make a little adapter board to hook
one up to the Ben and see if I interpreted the design correctly.
Basically the display part of

Thinking of it, that board could also multiplex a wheel. So the
whole UI could be prototyped on the Ben while figuring out how to
do the rest.

- Werner

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