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Suresh P psuresh at
Fri Sep 20 02:45:04 EDT 2013

Why not a touch screen?

My idea is:

1. A hardware numeric keys with enter key which double as power button. Entering numeric pass key will unlock and power on the device.

2. Touch screen Lcd to be used for soft unlock and further activities.

3. Every third unsuccessful attempt to hard unlock will factory reset the device clearing all the data.

Werner Almesberger <werner at> wrote:
>EdorFaus wrote:
>> ... huh. I must have missed or misunderstood something, because I've
>> been thinking of the wheel as being the kind that sticks out the
>> side of the device,
>Yeah, that was my very first idea. You'd operate it like a
>lighter, with the wheel where the lighter has the spark wheel.
>The problems I'd expect with such a design are that it would
>have to have considerable thickness for being convenient to
>operate (lighters get away with being somewhat thin because you
>don't need much control over the wheel) and that there's no good
>place for a display unless the device gets really large (and
>then the right size would depend on the size of your hand.)
>Also, the wheels I found don't stick out very much, so they would
>be relatively inconvenient to grab.
>> But be careful: do you know how many MAME cabinets are never
>> finished, because the builder hooks up the joystick board to the
>> game computer "just to test that it works" before finishing the
>> rest? ;)
>Heh :-) I was actually imagining what a little car racing game
>using such a controller may look like :)
>- Werner
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