anelok: charset and font

Felix sucotronic at
Fri Sep 20 03:04:31 EDT 2013

> EdorFaus wrote:
> > Is there any reason *not* to use UTF-8, and only UTF-8, on the device?
> I don't see any. For prototyping, I'd just stick with ASCII and
> worry about the multilingual details later.

Agree with that. Sticking to basic ascii is the easiest way to start.

> > I assume the simplest to implement would be a basic bitmap font, but
> > then we'd probably have to convert some other font to that format,
> Yeah. We can use a nice big fast PC for that :)
Curious about this, I search for something already invented, and find a
nice program[1] (windows only, linux needs mono). Also I find a post about
this tool combined with a kerning table[2] that produces a nice looking

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