anelok: charset and font

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Sep 20 18:20:49 EDT 2013

Felix wrote:
> Curious about this, I search for something already invented, and find a
> nice program[1] (windows only, linux needs mono).

Ewww ...

> Also I find a post about
> this tool combined with a kerning table[2] that produces a nice looking
> result.

The kerning is too aggressive but the font looks very pretty.
Tahoma is proprietary, though, but there should be suitable

By the way, "our" OLED also has an SSD1306 controller.

For kerning, one approach may be to calculate the right edge
of the first character, then the left edge of the keep-out area
of the second character. Find the smallest offset that

forall y: edge(left, y) <= edge(right, y) + offset

The keep-out area would be some pixels in x but also in y.
Maybe a half-circle.

Probably also needs a minimum step, to keep commas, dots,
underscores, etc., from crawling into the preceding character.

- Werner

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