anelok: first light

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Sep 21 20:38:05 EDT 2013

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> Early proto proof of concept (using Ben Nanonote) looks promising.
> Surprised at apparent readability of the tiny (Type).

Indeed. I also like the way the OLED looks. It doesn't have the
glow/halo of most LCDs (caused by light leaking out from the
backlight). In (moderate) daylight, you'd think it's just a
piece of paper.

> Eventually, a nice(!) UI grace note would be to pop up a larger overlay of
> the character the jog wheel is currently pointing at.

Oh, this microscopic text isn't meant to be for real use. Maybe
we can keep it in some way as a coarse navigation hint, but text
the user is actually expected to be able read should be about
twice or thrice the size.

> For people with
> non-20-something eyes and sub-optimal vision that will improve usability
> approx. one gazillion percent.

The fun thing is that I can actually read it from a normal
distance with my 40-something myopic eyes, even when wearing
glasses (which take away the myopia advantage.) Though it's hard
to resist the urge to take them off.

- Werner

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