More current OpenWRT distro for NanoNote?

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Sep 24 16:55:15 EDT 2013

On Tuesday 24. September 2013 18.09.03 Alexander Langshall wrote:
> Folks,
> I've tried flashing the version of OpenWRT's "Attitude Adjustment" with no
> success. Is there a more current distro for the Nanonote than the late 2012
> available from the reflash-ben script? What is everyone using nowadays?

Just as another data point, I'm still using a fairly old distribution flashed 
to the NAND, possibly 2012-04-09 or 2011-11-13. Since the NanoNote arrived 
with an almost two year old distribution at the time (2010-09-14), I spent a 
brief period testing lots of subsequent distributions, but I think that 
2012-04-09 was the latest that booted: according to my records 2012-07-11 did 
not boot, but I don't have any idea why that might have been the case. Maybe 
it needed a newer bootloader or something.

After initial distro surfing, I got into playing with builds of OpenWrt with 
eglibc instead of uclibc, and I do any necessary development against eglibc 
now because I'm too lazy to revert my toolchain. ;-) See here for details of 
eglibc and my motivations:

I also wanted to use a more mainstream distribution and managed to install 
Emdebian on a microSD card, and this is documented here:

One motivation for using a Debian-derived distro is the likelihood that 
packages are more actively maintained than for OpenWrt. I had been trying to 
update various graphical packages for OpenWrt but started to encounter large 
areas of the package repository that would need serious upstream project 
tracking (and things like me having to care about building libgtk from source 
for the first time in ten years), and I concluded that it would be more 
convenient to delegate this to Debian.

When I'm doing UBB-related stuff, I have to use the NAND-based distro, and for 
now that means the old OpenWrt stuff. In fact, it's stuff built for eglibc in 
a chroot inside that, but the source packages are the same.

To answer your first question in a shorter form: I don't know. ;-)


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