Statistics: March 2014

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Apr 4 21:23:45 EDT 2014

March statistics have arrived:

IRC traffic on #qi-hardware and #m-labs:

The mailing lists:

The mailing lists had their most quiet month in the last half
year, with posts on "the usual suspects", migen fixes and NetBSD
on M-Labs, and Y-Box progress on Qi-Hardware. On the 31st, also
the Nanonote EOL discussion flared up again.

On IRC, #qi-hardware traffic dropped - as I predicted last month -
by about a third but was still rather busy.

And I need to correct the last results for #m-labs: that supposed
vow of silence I observed last month was me not updating the right
files. It has in fact maintained a fairly constant level of
activity for over half a year now. Usually much less than on
#qi-hardware, but more steady.

- Werner

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