Nanonote end of life

lee jones slothpuck at
Sat Apr 5 15:59:08 EDT 2014

> Incentally FYI in the end I *downgraded* my phone to an older non-smartphone!

Sorry to go OT again but well did a little bit of thinking and after a
bit more poking around online I can only say I've decided to wait
and/or find out more info. So far my options are either to go with
replicant (though it does not seem to work 100% on any phone right
now) or get the Neo 900 (though I can't afford it, I'd have to save
for one over about 6 months to a year).

I did turn up a couple of other options however. Unfortunatly they are
still android :-( . But there is "omnirom"  ( )
which seems to be similar to cyanogenmod (which btw has now turned
itself into a company and upset some of its developers). Don't know to
what degree omirom can have all the spyware junk disabled as per
cyanogenmod. Also there's something called "paranoid android" as well
though I don't know much about it right now.

Isn't it frustrating that all these phones are like this btw? As
someone else correctly pointed out people value convenience over

I just have this nightmare sometimes with the way in which 'phones are
going that in 10 years' time there'll just be one big "APP" button on
your phone and people will just be pressing and tapping it again and
again crying "app!", "App!", "APP!" if their whatever-they're-using
dosen't magically appear as they don't know how to do anything else
and the phone's so locked down in any case :-( .

I think for the time being for me I'm going to stick with a non-smartphone.


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