Y-Box: sending a constant wave

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Mon Apr 21 19:29:28 EDT 2014

The long weekend's haul is that, apart from some infrastructure work, I
got Y-Box to send something on its RF interface. For now, it's just a
constant wave, not useful data, but it's nice to see that the RF side
appears to be in good shape as well.

Pictures or it didn't happen ? Alright, alright, here it is, even with
moving pictures:


By the way, I'm not sure what audio format works best with WebM. I
just used Vorbis. Does this work for the players that need WebM ?

Regarding future things to test, while I think I don't need to
implement full BTLE reception or transmission just now, there is one
detail that needs examining: the data sheet of the CC2543 is somewhat
vague on the RX-TX and TX-RX turn-around time. BTLE requires 150 us.

So I'll have to cook up some tests that let me measure these
turn-around times before I can be sure that the chip's RF circuit is
fast enough for BTLE.

- Werner

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