Anelok: design evolution overview

Felix sucotronic at
Thu Apr 24 04:09:34 EDT 2014

> The CC2541 would be TI's "official" BTLE chip, but since all its
> goodies are closed we may just as well use the CC2543, which is
> cheaper and smaller.
The nRF51822 looks pretty sexy but I'm reluctant to make yet another
> RF chip change at the moment since this would a) delay the project
> further, and b) one would have to go with a fine comb over the
> documentation to see whether all that's needed is really there.
I thing using the TI CC2543 is more on the same way that was your Nanonote
WPAN, a hackable-not-blob-code RF solution. The only worry is if there'll
be some open source BTLE stack available to code on the TI chip to avoid
writing it from zero.
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